Sandra Angelo
Craving a deeper connection to Art, Beauty and Your Creative Spirit?
FINALLY - Live Your Art Dreams

You have worked hard your whole life. 
Now it’s time to give your inner muse permission come out and play.
Whether you long to apprentice with a top Master and take your art to the Master's level, or simply dabble in art for stress relief, or you just want to saturate yourself in cultures and history that birthed ,masterful art; Sandra Angelo will guide on a magical journey that lets your art dreams come true. 

Grab Sandra's treasure map - a guidebook that will awaken your inner muse, and formulate a deeply satisfying new relationship with art and beauty. 

As you journey into creative cultures, discover art that elevates your soul, inspires you to dream and encourages you to think. Sandra helps you savor the world, and create treasured moments that can later be turned into Masterpieces which rewind those fabulous feelings over and  over.

About Maestro Sandra Angelo 
  • Coach for Masters in the Making - Sandra's Apprentices have gone onto worldwide fame, become millionaires, been published, landed top awards and lucrative commissions or just elevated their art skills, so they can produce stunning portraits of the people and pets they adore.
  • As seen on: NBC, ABC Good Morning Texas, CNN, TNN, HGTV, Discovery Channel, KUSI Good Morning San Diego, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Creative Living, Artist's Magazine, American Artist Magazine, Michael's Arts & Crafts, The Decorative Painter, San Diego Zoo News, San Diego Tribune, The Reader, North County Times. Rancho Bernardo Journal, Art Materials Today, etc.
  • Award winning artist, author, producer: Emmy nomination, Fellowship Award - Rhode Island School of Design, 1st. Place WAVE Award, Videographer Award of Excellence. Boston Bookseller's First Place Award, Author of 70+ courses, books, DVDs, #1 Drawing Brand on #1 Art publisher's website, etc.
  • National Columnist - The Artist's Magazine, American Artist, Creative Living, Michael's, Art Materials Today, Decorative Painter, Colored Pencil Magazine, Decorative Artist's Workbook & more
ABC Good Morning Texas - Sandra Angelo teaches TV hosts how to draw using her super simple step by step drawing system that can turn ANYONE into an artist... FAST!
Sandra Angelo's Art
Sandra Angelo's Sentimental Realism is popular with prestigious corporate and private collectors because her timeless sentiments crawl inside one's heart, bubbling up laughter, effervescent joy, and a lingering love that soothes the body, mind and spirit.

Sandra Angelo's Credentials
    MBA in marketing, so she understands how to help you promote your art and/ or products
    o    Rhode Island School of Design Fellowship Award - #1 Art Coach in the USA.
    •    Columnist for        The Artist's Magazine, American Artist Magazine
    o    Her own column in        Michael's Arts and Crafts and Art Materials Todaywhere she tested and explained the virtues of various art materials.
    •    Executive Director of 11 International Colored Pencil Symposiums with all the world's famed Master Artists and Illustrators
    o    Sandra knows all the colored pencil secrets of the TOP MASTERS!
    •    Award winning author of 72 art books, online courses and DVDs.
    •    Emmy nomination
    •    1st Place Videographer Award, 1st Place WAVE award, and many more
    •    Appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, HGTV, Discovery Channel, KUSI, TNN
    •    Many articles about Sandra in magazines and newspapers such a       s The Washington Post
    •    Author of only colored pencil textbook - won 1st. Place Boston Bookseller's Award
    •    Countless workshops for prestigious organizations for decades.
    o    #1 brand in the drawing category back when FW sold Sandra Angelo's courses on
    o    Four years of webinars for NLS (first webinar had 4,000 people because the Sandra Angelo brand is so strong. NLS only had spots for 1,000 as no other artist pulled in so many folks.)
    •    Currently reaching students on 5 continents and 49 countries with online workshops.

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